Paw Fashion Calendar for the Needy Furry Friends

Posted by Dollra.Miyako on 14th Dec 2015

Why Fashion Calendar?Being an animal lover we came about starting our fashion label to give pets luxury lifestyle, Good Food, Good Environment, lots of play time and lots and lots of love!Unfortunatel … read more

Topic: “Understanding what is in it”

Posted by Dollra.Miyako on 21st Nov 2015

Topic: “Understanding what is in it”Understanding whats stated on the label before getting them for your furry friends, many of times we listen to friends and research online on the review of the bran … read more

Dog Whisperer - How you can be your Home - Made dog whisperer

Posted by Dollra.Miyako on 4th Jul 2015

Dog Whisperer - How can you be your home dog whisperer?In every dog lover home we wish to give our dog the BEST, however sometime owner get really up sad when dogs doing marking at home or misbehaviou … read more